In this story there is a beautifull under water kingdom deep in the ocean, There is a princess. here name is Arielle. They are mermaids. They are never aloud on the surface or to meet a human. Arielle does that stuff any way. She goes on the surface all the time. She collects human stuff that falls in the water and collects them in a cave. One day while she is out on the surface she sees a boat or a ship. She goes to check it out and finds a handsome prince whom she intintlly falls in love with. She would do anything to meet him, so she asks the sea witch to trun her into a human. The sea witch agrees, but on one condition. Arielle must give hre voice to the sea witch and can only stay human for three days. She agrees. She dranks a potion and faints,when she wakes up she has human legs. Though it is really hard for her to walk. The handsome prince helps her up and brings her to his castle. He lives near the beautifull ocean. But he was supposed to marry a different lady. She becomes furious. Soon the sea witch comes and says that Arielle has too kill the prince to stay human. Or else. As she is on the boat with him she has a knife, She cant do it so instead she kills herself to save the prince. She hopes that the prince is happy with his new wife. :) if this is not complettly correct feel free to change. there's also a disney Little mermaid.

The little mermaid

the little mermaid

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