belle and the beast

In this story a beautifull young girl named Beauty loves reading books. She visits the library every day. She is not a princess though. Untill one day her father goes on a trip and says that he would bring a present for her. Beauty says she wants a beautifull red rose. So as the father goes he gets lost and has to stay in a castle. Inside there are moving chairs,furniture along with forks and spoons. The next day as he was getting ready to depart away he saw that who ever lived there had a rose bush. So he took one of the roses. But a beast as horrible as anyone has seen apperd. saying he would kill the father. Beauty came to rescue her father and took his place ing death. But instead of killing the beautifull young girl he took care of her never leting her leave the castle. She soon fell in love with the beast and found out the true secret of his beastly form. It happend one rainy night, an old women was walking and had no were to go. She knocked on the door and asked if he would traid the castle for one rose,at that time the beast was a normal human prince. But the prince refused. The old lady turned into a fairy and cast a spell on him. So that only the one girl would see the true him and fall in love with him and then and only then would he turn into a prince again. Beauty soon saw that true him. And the whole castle anlong with him was turned back. And like they say in every fairy tale, they lived happily ever after. Beauty and the Beast is a wonderfull story from the grimms fairy tales. It tells how you should not judge people on how they look but who they are inside. (They might just be rich ;) )

you can watch the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast too.Edit